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Welcome to Lazu

  • Let me introduce myself, I'm Richard Eltherington, a Yorkshire Kiwi who emigrated to New Zealand in 2006. Unfortunately getting cancer in 2009 which ended up reprogramming my thoughts to that of life enjoyment and focus to do as much as possible during the time I have left on this planet. So, I set up a bucket list which just gets longer.
  • We developed the Lazu brand in 2016 with the sole purpose to ensure people realise that you are not guaranteed tomorrow and to consider the important things in life. To this end we developed a range of scientifically formulated natural supplements to help your body work at its best for as long as possible
  • I hope you have the same epiphany and take up the Lazu philosophy and "Live YOUR life at the Max!"

Life at the Max!

Lifestyle Nutrition

All to often, when we hear somebody talk about Lifestyle Nutrition, its actually referring to products for Sports nutrition. These products maybe catering to a very small range of customers such as gym enthusiasts or athletes, failing to encompass the broader needs of an active lifestyle. At Lazu, we believe that there are 3 essential pillars to lifestyle nutrition.

  • Pillar 1 - Immune Health

    Support the body's health immunity, it all starts with a healthy gut

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  • Pillar 2 - Weight Management

    Maintain optimal weight while repairing metabolic damage.

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  • Pillar 3 - Age Protection

    Slow the aging process and reduce the effects it has on the body.

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